(Office of gastronomic intelligence)
Unique events

Confucius (Qufu, China, 551 BC)

“Somebody told me and I forgot… I read it and I understood it. I tried it and I learned it”.

The same is not the knowledge that knowing how to do, nor is it the efficiency that efficiency. The word “learn” of Confucius is the accumulation of knowledge that builds the “know-how” Tomeu Caldentey.

The management of knowledge and creativity over thirty years of experience make each gastronomic event an unrepeatable, unique experience.

Protur Chef. National competition of cooking schools. Direction, design and organization.

Protur delicartessen, fusion of art and gastronomy. Design and organization.

Cloister San Francisco. Gastronomic event and show natural space.

Promotional image Creativity Added value. Training and consulting. Showcooking. Private parties