The menu at Bartomeu, always at noon, offer a variety of interesting and flavorful dishes. Let’s take a closer look:

«Croquettes of the week to nibble on» sounds like a delightful appetizer option. Croquettes are typically made with a creamy filling and a crispy coating, and having a different flavor each week adds an element of surprise and variety.

The combination of «Salmon, anchovies, and melon with ‘kimchi'» sounds like a creative and innovative dish. Salmon and anchovies are both known for their rich flavors, and the addition of melon and kimchi likely adds a refreshing and spicy twist to the dish.

«Poultry cannelloni au gratin in the oven» sounds like a comforting and satisfying main course. Cannelloni typically consists of pasta tubes stuffed with a flavorful filling, and when topped with a gratinéed crust, it adds a delightful crunch and richness to the dish. The use of poultry suggests a lighter and potentially healthier option compared to heavier meats.

«Cod with red peppers» is a classic combination that often works well together. Cod is a mild and flaky fish, and when paired with the sweetness and slight tang of red peppers, it can create a balanced and delicious dish. The specific cooking method and seasoning would determine the final flavor profile of this dish.

For dessert, «Chocolate with apricot and passion fruit» sounds like a tempting and decadent choice. The combination of rich chocolate with the fruity flavors of apricot and passion fruit can provide a harmonious balance of sweetness and tanginess.

Overall, the menu at Bartomeu appears to offer a range of intriguing flavors and well-composed dishes. It seems like a place where diners can experience a mix of traditional and innovative culinary creations.